Operations and Services

FMC Partners Operations

Our services are designed to help you develop a financial reporting system specific to your business. Our goal is to have your system provide you with the critical financial and non-financial information you need to operate your business. As important as it is to know where you want to take your business in the future, it is equally important to establish where you are starting from. Only then can we accurately determine the time and resources necessary to help you reach your goals.


We start by performing a comprehensive review to determine the current state of your business, to identify opportunities for improved profitability and growth as well as identify any potential obstacles that might sidetrack your progress. Next, we will work with you (and your staff) to develop financial and non-financial measurements that are critical to your success. By identifying and monitoring the activities in your business that have a direct impact on your profitability you'll be in a position to reach your goals in a much more controlled and targeted way.

Once we have established the systems to measure and report on the activities critical to your business, we'll then meet with you regularly to review and advise you on ways to improve your critical numbers. Our goal is to improve the quality of information you use to make decisions. Therefore, as part of our work together, there is often a need to conduct specific analysis on different aspects of your business and/or develop new information sources and systems to help you run your business more effectively. Our efforts in this area would, of course, be tailored specific to your needs.

Our services include:

  • Financial and Accounting Management
  • Cash Flow Projections and Analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Product and Process Analysis/Costing
  • Banking and Finance Assistance
  • Business Systems Consulting and Implementation
  • Insurance and Risk Management Analysis
  • Merger, Acquisition, and Joint Venture Planning